How To Put Horseshoes On A Horse?

How To Put Horseshoes On A Horse?

The echoes of the horses flapping on the surface of the road must have been a very familiar sound to horse lovers. So where do the echoes come from? Is there anything magical? No, not as miraculous as you think! The “shoes” that the horse wears are the reason behind it.

To prevent the hooves from being worn away after a long period of time galloping, horseshoes are often set on the horse for protection purposes. So how to put horseshoes on a horse? Is it a difficult process like grooming horses by the best horse clipper for thick coats or just like a piece of cake? Let’s check it out!

The horseshoe
The horseshoe

How To Put Horseshoes On A Horse

Your horse has the same trait as you, do you know what it is? You have nails and horses have hooves. And just like human nails, the horse’s hooves keep growing. If we do not check regularly, the horseshoe will be deformed and ineffective.

Therefore, we have to put the horseshoe on a horse a few times each year. So how does this process work? Let take a look!


The process of shoeing the horse must be done with care, so having a thorough preparation is a must. Before setting the horseshoe, you must use a knife to adjust the hooves and trim the sole until flat. In this case, a sharp knife can serve as an effective assistant.

In the event that your horse needs to replace the horseshoes, you’d better remove the old “shoes” on the hooves with a clinch cutter before giving him the new ones.

Remove the old "shoes"
Remove the old “shoes”

One tip that you can take into consideration is that you should keep the feet of your horse in an appropriate position that makes it feel comfortable. This step can please your lovely pet and do wonders for him.


The most expected stage is yet to come: shoeing! This stage must be done extremely skillfully. First, it’s advisable for you to choose the suitable horseshoes that perfectly fit the hooves of your beloved horse. Make sure the horseshoes and the hooves snug tightly together.

Second, fix the horseshoe with a nail! The nailing position is located between the base of the hooves and the edge of the hoof wall. When nailing, you must let the nail outward and set it through the wall of the hooves but do not hurt the horse’s tactile part.

The tip of the nail exposed to the hoof wall must be cut. For the remaining part of the nail, your task is to bend it and stick it to the hoof wall. This step makes sure that the horseshoes are completely secured.

nail horse hoof
The tip of the nail exposed to the hoof wall must be cut

In Conclusion

Forget the misconceptions that horseshoes are useless because they will hurt the horse or harm the horse’s health. No, they are just the misconceptions.

Putting a horseshoe on your beloved horse will be of great help to it. With the ways I provide above, this process certainly won’t be a hard task for you, right? Get down to shoeing your horse now!

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